Easily manage, monitor and control call centres – from anywhere

Our Call Centre solution are ideal for any business that receives inbound calls; for example those with sales teams, help desks, accounts departments, receptionists or customer service representatives, right through to the more traditional large call centre environments
A key component our solution is Intelligent Call Distribution, this ensures calls are answered efficiently and by the right agent

Our Call Centre solution is suitable for you if:

  • Dealing with inbound calls efficiently is important to you
  • Delivering a first-rate service to your customers is vital to your business
  • You require complete control over how your calls are managed
  • Your productivity can be improved by having virtual control of your inbound calls

Key features

  • Quality caller experience
  • Easily monitor inbound call activity, with ‘barge in’ and emergency escalation when needed
  • Enables flexible working
  • As the service is cloud-based, agents and supervisors can log in from anywhere
  • Quickly escalate difficult customer queries for times when agents need support from more senior members of staff
  • Call Recording
  • Access to historical and real-time data to help address training needs and identify potential gaps in resource during peak periods
  • On-demand, scalable service
  • You only pay for the aspects of the service that you need

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