Capital remote working solutions are designed to offer maximum flexibility.

More and more organisations today require a telephony solution that provides more flexible ways of working for their employees. Whether working in a distribution or warehouse environment, between offices, out on the road or from home, employees need to have access to the core features and functionality they require to be productive. Whether you simply require one or two IP extensions at an employee’s home, use SIP handsets to enable mobility around your office, either with specialist handsets or softphones on an employees mobile phone.

Key benefits

  • Leverage existing wireless networks or keep totally separate on a dedicated DECT network.
  • Break down geographical, business and technical borders to achieve real-time interaction with customers, business partners and colleagues, regardless of where you are based.
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction levels by ensuring that all of your employees have access to key functionality.
  • Improve customer contact through one number access, ensuring that customers can get through to who they need, when they need them.
  • Increase efficiency by use of Unified Messaging, allowing staff to retrieve e-mail, faxes and voicemail from one central place.
  • Turn an employee’s computer or mobile device into a fully functioning IP featurephone with a softphone
  • Provide access to back-office data, and allow screen popping of customer information through use of a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution.
  • Allow any employee working out of the office to connect to the main communication platform via the Internet with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and communicate as efficiently as if they were working in the head office.
  • Renowned reliability for a robust solution that ensures maximum business continuity.

Hot Desking

We provide Hot Desking capabilities for remote or mobile workers, allowing users to log into an IP featurephone in the office:

  • Quick and easy log-in to a desktop phone, allowing all calls to be automatically delivered to the handset.
  • Automatic transfer of speed dials, flexible keys, etc. of the user who has logged into the featurephone.
  • Allows organisations to implement more flexible working practices, boosting morale and reducing carbon footprints.
  • Reduces business overheads through requiring less workstations and extensions, reducing the amount of office space required, and effective administration management.
  • Useful for temporary offices, allowing quick and easy deployment of a minimum number of handsets.

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